Our Services


  • Managing daily living
  • Communicating within your family
  • Enjoying your children
  • Parenting
  • Finding the resources you need
  • Managing family conflict
  • Relationships


  • Communication skills
  • Parenting plans and individualised parenting strategies
  • Individual, couple and family counselling
  • Individual and group work with children
  • Linking you to other helping services
  • Incredible Years Parenting Program

Our Services Include

Social work with families

This involves providing the best possible support to families by:

  1. Focusing on assisting families to find lasting solutions to problems they may be facing.
  2. Working closely with families to assess the most appropriate support necessary.
  3. Ensuring safety and wellbeing of children and young people is put first.


Counselling is one of a range of services that ACROSS provides. Counselling services at ACROSS focus on providing one to one help for individual adults, children and families.

Bereaved by Suicide Support Group

This support group aims to provide immediate help to people so they can begin to come to terms with their loss and, with the support of others in the group, deal with ongoing feelings of grief. Find out more about this programme here.

Postnatal Depression Support Group

ACROSS provides a ten week programme for women experiencing postnatal depression.  The group offer women an opportunity to speak about their experience in a safe and supportive environment. Find out more about this programme here.

Anxiety Programme for Children

From time to time we run a group programme for children from 8-12 years old who are experiencing anxiety. Please contact us for more information regarding this group.

Triple P Positive Parenting Programme

Triple P suggests simple routines and small changes that can make a big difference to your family. Find out more about this programme here.

Incredible Years Parenting Programme

Incredible Years is a 12-16 week parenting programme for parents of children aged 3-8 years. Find out more about this programme here.

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families pulls together support for families/ whänau in New Zealand. Find out more about this programme here.

Programmes for Parents and Babies

The SPACE programme is aimed mainly at first time parents with newborn babies, and has been designed to support parents through the first year of their child's developmental journey. The programme runs weekly for 3-4 terms (i.e. 30-40 weeks) in a relaxed, baby friendly atmosphere. Find out more about this programme here.

Foster care

Families for various reasons may, from time to time, require support to provide for the care of their children.  This may involve children staying for planned periods of time with alternative caregivers or foster parents. Foster parents are recruited and trained by ACROSS.  Find out more about becoming a caregiver or foster parent here.