Caregivers/Foster Parents

ACROSS provides a foster care service and recruits and trains caregivers to provide placements for children unable to live with their family; placements may be for respite, short term and/or long term care.

Caregivers provide an appropriate family-like setting in which to care for children and young people who, for various reasons, cannot live with their parents or usual caregivers. Foster homes need to provide a nurturing environment, where a child can feel safe and secure. There are many contributions than an effective and caring family can provide to children. Children and young people belong in families and they have the right to feel safe. As a caregiver, or foster-carer, your role is to provide this safety and security. Fostering can help create turning points in the lives of children and their families.

You can download an application to become a caregiver here (34kb PDF file). Please fill in the application and return to us by email, fax or post.